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The third generation of implant contra angle

The development of the implant contra angle has gone through the following stages:

The first generation implant contra angle

The second generation implant contra angle

The third generation implant contra angle

The first generation of lock-type planting bending machine has basically not been seen in the market.

At present, many manufacturers produce and sell the second-generation implant contra angle which is non-removable .

All are non-removable .

However, due to structural reasons, this implant contra angles have the following problems:

1, postoperative cleaning and maintenance time is long;

It is necessary to put the contra angle into the alcohol for a long time, and let the cartridge rotate repeatedly in the forward and reverse directions, so that the blood therein is diluted and dissolved, because the cleaning situation cannot be visually seen, and the cleaning cannot be guaranteed.

Conventional oiling and maintenance is difficult to reach the gears and bearing parts, causing the gears and bearings to “dry” when working, which can easily damage the gears and bearings.

2, cleaning is not in place and easy to damage;

It looks clean.
But after open, you will see very dirty inside.
Special in the head of contra angle, the bearings already damage, the gears also.
The shaft also very dirty, the gears in both side are damage.

The residual blood in the head will solidify and corrode the movement, causing damage to the gears and bearings. If the work is not smooth, the entire contra angle will be stuck or even damage the motor. According to statistics, more than 80% of implant contra angle failures are caused by improper cleaning and maintenance.

3, prone to cross infection

The blood left in the nose will leak into the patient’s mouth during the second work, which is prone to cross infection.


COXO’s third-generation detachable push button implant contra angle solves the above problems well:

1, postoperative cleaning and maintenance is simple:

Easily disassemble the planting bender without the need for special tools. Cleaning is easier and the results are visible.

Oil injection can directly reach gears and bearings, and the maintenance effect is good.

2, not easy to damage the contra angle

The internal cleaning and maintenance of the contra angle is in place, which greatly prolongs the service life of the contra angle

3, no risk of cross-infection

Cleaning and disinfecting the contra angle in place, no risk of cross-infection.

4, COXO’s new implant contra angle with double seal structure

Can effectively prevent debris from entering the contra angle head and extending the life of the contra angle

For your smooth work, cost savings and avoid cross-infection, we strongly recommend that you use COXO’s detachable implant contra angle.

C6-22,Detachable implant contra angle with fiber optic
C6-23,Detachable implant contra angle